Hank Says... 7-Talk Collection

Hank Smith loves to talk. That’s what he does. Whether teaching a class in the Religion Department at BYU, sharing a keynote speech somewhere around the country, or telling inspiring (and usually hilarious) stories at countless firesides and youth conferences throughout the Church, Hank gets to talk. And when Hank talks, people listen-especially youth, who love his humor, his fresh perspective on gospel topics, and his testimony.

This exclusive collection of what Hank has said contains six of his best-loved talks in one convenient package. Also included is a bonus talk, 10 Tips for a Successful Social Life, not available anywhere else.


  1. Be of Good Cheer
  2. Fighting For and Not With Your Family
  3. Unshaken
  4. Do’s and Don’ts of Dating
  5. Build Your House Upon a Rock
  6. How Can I Know if I’m Feeling the Spirit?
  7. 10 Tips for a Successful Social Life

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