Wake Up From Your Phone

Not long ago Brother Hank Smith was standing in his kitchen, doing something “very important” on his cell phone (like playing “Candy Crush”), not realizing that his nine-year-old daughter was trying to get his attention: “Dad…Dad…Dad…DAAAD…HANK!” Finally he heard her and turned to see what she wanted. “She looked at me with a little attitude, hands on her hips, and said ‘Dad, wake up from your phone!’ Then she turned around and left.”

In this enlightening talk, Hank Smith tackles a problem that can affect all of us in one form or another if we’re not careful. Whether our challenge is an obsession with phones, video games, social media, the Internet, or other kinds of technology, the results can be equally devastating. Hank quotes Elder David A. Bednar, who says, “Sadly, some in the Church today ignore things as they really are and neglect eternal relationships for digital distractions, diversions, and detours that have no lasting value.”

Using stories, scriptures, and quotes from Church leaders, Hank shares a timely message that will bless both teenagers and their parents.

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